CS3 summit - Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists helpful information regarding the registration process for on-line registration to the CS3 summit.

The registration is divided into three destintive steps.

They include:


Summit only

The dates of the Summit are 21-24 October 2019.

Full-day training

The training sessions are held on the 21st and 22nd of October 2019.
This is the day before the summit starts.

Payment and payment options

To pay for the summit, you can select one of two options:

  • Online credit card payments.
  • Invoices.

Accepted Cards

Our payment gateway allows Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards.

Card payments handled by third party

PLEASE NOTE: CS3 uses Netaxept/NETS as our card payment processor.
Selecting "Credit card" option will transfer you to their external site for payment handling.
Also, for some payments, Netaxept/NETS will in turn redirect to another site for 3D secure validation of card payments

Payment by invoice

Only companies registred within the EU are eligible for payment by invoice. Invoice payment are only accepted if a correct VAT number is provided.

Invoices are issued with a 20 day due date.

Other payment options

If you have problems with your card and if invoice is not a good option (too much internal bureaucracy), we will help you find other options (wire transfers, cheque, etc)

Also notable: If you are a non-EU country, we might be able to help you with getting invoice payment. Please contact us, and we will help you find out

Ive completed payment, now what?

Once payment is completely fullfilled, your download page, aka "mypages" for which you have been sent a password, will have a downloadable electronic ticket which you can print out or keep electronically on a mobile device.


The currency used for price quotes and transaction is stated in Swedish Krona, SEK

VAT and taxes

In Sweden the VAT for this type of transaction is 25%


when you have successfully paid your tickets you will find a link with an icon and the text "receipt" on the "mypages" page that gets created as part of your registration. Clicking that link, you will be shown a receipt that you can print as a proof of a fulfilled registration process.

If you do not know how to access the "mypages" site, please read the retrieve ticket section of this FAQ.

Errors, strange or failed transactions

I cannot complete the registration

The number one problem people encounter is that they forget to fill in all fields in the form in step 2 - "modify your ticket". The problem here is that you have to fill in two e-mail addresses, and people only fill in one. The e-mail addresses are one for the buyer of the ticket and one for the attendee. Many times these are the same, but sometimes people buy more than one ticket and a ticket is for a collegue etc, which makes it another email address than the buyers address.

I encounter problems paying for the summit

If you encounters problems when paying with cards, that can be for one of many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Limits enforced by the bank or card issuer on the card (type), such as not allowed for Internet payments, or internet payments above a certain sum
  • Not enough funds for the transaction
  • Not enough credit limit for the funds needed for the transaction
  • 3D secure failure, including input wrong one-time code, etc
  • Error in communication between Nets and CS3

Please contact us and the describe your situation and your problem, and we will help out by checking logs, admin status pages, etc to find the source of the problem, and more importantly check if the transaction have gone through in the back-end systems or not.


Ticket types

We have several types of tickets:

  • Standard tickets, tickets to attend the summit only
  • Combo tickets, tickets to get access to training as well as summit
  • Student tickets, limited number of special discounted student tickets. Please mail us if you are a student that wants to participate

Retrieve tickets

Once you have payed the tickets, you should be able to go to the download page, aka mypages. Login with the e-mail address you used when registered together with the password that we sent you by e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have selected to pay by invoice, it will be a a delay before your tickets are available for download. Your payment must be completed before tickets will be available.

Forgotten tickets

I've forgotten my ticket, what can I do? We got lists on all people that have been registered, so we can take care of the situations where someone is without his/her ticket, as long as they can provide some type of identification (passport, ID card, etc)

Other questions

Discount code for conference hotel

Discount codes for the conference hotel is included in the mail that was sent out as part of the registration.

Please note that the discount code for the hotel works for e-mail and phone registration, not web

Unanswered questions

If you have questions not covered by the on-line help or this FAQ, please send us an e-mail at info@cs3sthlm.se