About 4SICS summit

4SICS summit is an annualy held summit on the security in SCADA, Smartgrid, Smart meters, Industrial Control Systems, Critical Infrastructure and automation. It is held in Stockholm, Sweden in the autumn each year.

In 2017 the 4SICS summit will be held 25-26 Oct (with trainings 24th Oct) at the Nalen venue in central Stockholm.

Online info on 4SICS summit can be found https://4sics.se

Contact us at info@4sics.se with questions related to 4SICS

About Omnisiens AB

Omnisiens AB is a company that specializing in education, training and events in the IT security area

Omnisiens is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Online info on Omnisiens can be found https://omnisiens.se

Contact us at info@omnisiens.se with questions related to the organizing company Omnisiens AB